Fusing the spirit of patriotic WWII-era Victory Gardens with current the D.I.Y. movement, “From the Ground Up” is an upbeat multiple platform project encouraging civic participation through urban farming. During WWI and WWII Americans grew food in backyards, on balconies, in parks, wherever they could – as the government encouraged localized food production to conserve scarce fuel and labor. Today, citizens across the country are reviving the spirit of these gardens, but this time they face many obstacles and little support. In the main documentary we meet a Sacramento teacher and her young sons as they take on City Hall to fight for their front yard vegetable garden; a team of San Francisco artists recreate the Civic Center Victory Garden and redefine the use of urban green space; Puerto Rican migrants in Massachusetts work to elevate their quality of life by growing vegetables in once vacant lots. By encouraging people to grow some their own food, we want to motivate people to take action through inspiration, not fear. Educate, inspire, empower, move to action.

The movie is currently in the editing stage and in need of additional funding.

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